Welcome to Our (Online) Studio!
!!! Announcement !!!

After a lengthy hiatus, Keys and Strokes has made a return in 2019 with showings at summer and winter events at the California College of the Arts and in the company of Creative Sparks.

News Bulletin

02.27.14 – Still Under Construction!

Individual and Collaborative portfolio and project content is in the process of being added and/or migrated in from pre-existing hard-copy and/or online individual portfolios.

We appreciate your patience and continued support while we are in the process of website construction.

02.27.14 – Aithan’s Foot is Still Fractured!

The cuboid fracture is still unhealed – no, seriously! – and so Aithan remains in a partial weight-bearing state and off of work.

Work on various creative projects continues, but at a slower pace.