World Neverending

Once upon a time, in a world where
Mortals, Immortals, Those In-Between, and Creatures of All
Lived in Harmony and In the Way of the Balance…

Story Outline and Formatting

World Neverending is one of the studio’s oldest projects and it originally found its roots as something of a creative sandbox – a place to postulate and extrapolate on what-ifs in other creative world that would otherwise make little to no sense in their respective canons.

As time went on, the sandbox became the place where we explored the idea that, one way or another, history repeats itself in cycles (all those what-ifs) as a way to make things come full circle and come into balance and harmony.

And then, with all the writing and drawing that was being done, the notion that nothing ever truly dies as long as it is remembered (through written and/or illustrated word, for example) came into being.

Eventually, it all grew into its own universe with its own cast of characters and world-building and story-writing parameters and what it became is this:

A realm where the endless Cycle of Life and Death is experienced, lived through, and endured by those known as the Great Ones – great, Ancient, and Immortal beings who serve as Representatives and Guardians of what is known as the Balance – and those known as the Champions of the Great Ones and whose many stories are retold by the One Who is Caught In-Between the Mortal and Immortal worlds.

Being that the Balance is World Neverending’s ultimate and most primitive belief system – that everything from good and bad, dark and light, and civilization and wilderness must be in Balance and that to be in Balance means things must come to a full circle – the repetition of cycles – of the fulfillment of things coming to full circle – is therefore a representation of that Balance.

The ultimate goal of each storyline, therefore, is to seek this Balance and to somehow regain Balance when it is lost.

As such, World Neverending is the name for a collective series of storylines and stories that, when put together, ultimately tell the whole story of a universe that never ends.

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Author and Artist Notes

For The Boy Who Loved a Dragon, Aithan is the primary writer and Ian is the primary illustrator.