The Boy Who Loved a Dragon
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the header image for the start of Year 7 – © Keys and Strokes, 2013 – illustrated by Ian

Picking his way through a forest made up of dense copses of trees and thick clumps of bushes and shrubbery while a group of children gave chase in the distance, the Boy stumbled and then fell as his feet caught on a tree root at the edge of an embankment that he didn’t remember being there.

Unable to catch his fall, he tumbled head over heels downhill and kept tumbling until he came to an abrupt stop. Completely disoriented from his fall, he could only give his surroundings the briefest of glances before his vision started swimming.

Right as his eyes started clouding over, he caught a glimpse of what appeared to be a snout, a pair of glowing red eyes, and a pair of wings.

“A Dragon!” he managed to breathe out in wonder before his world went completely dark.

Story Outline and Formatting
The Boy Who Loved a Dragon - Bookplate Style 2

a bookplate design created and first offered for sale at APE 2013 – © Keys and Strokes, 2013

Starting from their first meeting and ending with their final departure from the Outside World and spanning the course of nine years, the collaborative illustrated novel entitled The Boy Who Loved a Dragon details the Boy’s Growing Up and Coming of Age and the trials, tribulations, and triumphs of a First Love between him and the Dragon.

With the ‘chapter’ formatting corresponding to a yearly age progression in the Boy which starts from his 7th year as a Young Child and ends with his 16th year and Coming of Age, the story thus tracks in a year-by-year basis the Life of the Boy, the Life of the Dragon, and their Bond Together and the Changes They Endure Both Together and Apart.

Story and Art Samples

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Product Samples

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Progress Notes

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Author and Artist Notes

For The Boy Who Loved a Dragon, Aithan is the primary writer and Ian is the primary illustrator.